ConfigMgr: E-Mail-Notification for Application Catalog

Mit der Application Catalog-Rolle bietet der Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager ab Version 2012 (SCCM) u.a. die Möglichkeit Anwendungen in einem recht einfach gestalteten Self-Service-Portal zur Verfügung zu stellen. Leider bietet die Rolle keine Funktion um den Administrator bei eingehenden Application Requests über E-Mail zu benachrichtigen. Abhilfe schafft dieses Powershell-Skript:

Das Skript kann im Task-Scheduler eingebunden und über folgenden Befehl aufgerufen werden:

E-Mail-Notification for Application Catalog:


Download: ConfigMgr: E-Mail-Notification for Application Catalog (TechNet Gallery)

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8 Gedanken zu „ConfigMgr: E-Mail-Notification for Application Catalog

  1. André Picker Artikelautor

    Hi Amir,

    yes you can. nice idea. you only need a link between the e-mail-adress and the user and a little more script. the current-state-property values are:

    1 Requested
    2 Canceled
    3 Denied
    4 Approved

    Maybe I’ll develop it in the coming weeks.

  2. Remy

    It works great indeed but is it posible to only let the script send the mail one time, if the request is still not approved that it wont send an other mail. I ask this because we want to scedule this powershell script once a day. If an request is stil not denied or approved it again sends the same mail for the pending request.

    Dit you als make a notify user script?

    1. André Picker Artikelautor

      Hi Remy,

      for scheduling the script for once a day change the following Line:

      $interval = $(Get-Date).AddMinutes(-1440)

      Let me know if that work for you.

      A notify-user-script isn’t planned.

  3. Chris Sheets

    I setup SMTP on my SCCM server, configured the first few lines as follows:

    $SmtpServer = „“
    $SenderMail = „“
    $TargetMail = „“

    The script runs, as I run it DIRECTLY from powershell, but I get NOTHING in my SMTP logs.

    I have extensively tested SMTP, and it is working, with logs to prove it, but either I am missing filling out something else in the script, or it’s just not working for me 🙁

    SCCM 2012 on a Windows 2012 Server.

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